NVIDIA Pledges Support for TempoQuest GPU WRF Project

To TempoQuest:

Thank you for recent information regarding the next phase of your business plan. Following the discussions with TempoQuest executives and review of your past accomplishments, NVIDIA would like to express our interest and support for the TQI CUDA WRF project. NVIDIA considers WRF the most important numerical weather prediction and regional climate model worldwide, and we are very excited at the possibility of WRF software that will enable new markets that benefit from high-fidelity, scale-resolving simulations owing to GPU technology.

With the introduction of the general purpose Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in 2004, NVIDIA set a milestone in high performance computing. Since then, NVIDIA expertise developed in programmable GPUs has led to breakthroughs in parallel computing, while also providing cost-efficient HPC solutions. NVIDIA would like to offer this expertise and other resources to ensure success in the CUDA WRF project.

NVIDIA would like to contribute to the CUDA WRF project with providing the following resources:

  • Seed-GPU technology of the latest NVIDIA Tesla’s to TQI partners, SSEC and Hyper Sensing, LLC for local WRF development purposes
  • Providing TQI partners with remote access to the large GPU cluster at NVIDIA Santa Clara for performance testing
  • Technical guidance to TQI partners on applications engineering from the NVIDIA Developer Technology group
  • Technical support TQI partners on hardware and software technology; cluster access and use; bug fix support
  • Marketing, sales, and distribution support of CUDA WRF through an alliance led by TQI business objectives

NVIDIA are interested in this project in two respects. We are generally interested in supporting innovative and promising approaches to demonstrating capabilities of GPU technology to relevant real-life applications. Further, NVIDIA have interest in the experiences to be gained with implementing an optimized GPU-based WRF that can apply to a global advancement of weather and climate prediction.

Thank you for the opportunity for NVIDIA to participate in this collaboration with TempoQuest.