TempoQuest’s technology is first a software code that utilizes NVIDIA Corporation’s CUDA code, Compute Unified Device Architecture, combined with FORTRAN, Open ACC, C++ and special programming protocols. The utilization of CUDA code and proprietary processes enables the TempoQuest software application to run on NVIDIA’s HPC, High Performance Computing, Tesla™ accelerators.

The TempoQuest software is called AceCAST™.

TempoQuest’s AceCAST™ software product accelerates the world’s most widely used regional weather forecasting model called WRF, Weather Research and Forecasting, which is supported by the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research, NCAR. The forecast process acceleration has consistently improved forecast processing speed by a factor of 5.

The AceCAST™ software product will generate the fastest, most precise and most affordable regional weather forecast possible. The AceCAST™ product will be offered through a massively scalable application in the Cloud or on premise.