Paul Maravelias

Vice President, Visualization and SaaS

Paul Maravelias has over fifteen years of experience in native Windows software development, ten of which focused on perfecting weather data visualization using low-level GPU graphics. He started his own company in 2008 and developed the WSV3 PC software, a popular solution for interactive weather graphics and mobile storm tracking.

In 2015, Maravelias developed a groundbreaking method to minimize problematic NEXRAD Level 2 radar data display latencies from minutes to under ten seconds for critical tracking purposes, using only commodity hardware. In 2016, he invented a novel live-composite technique for real-time NEXRAD radar data display at continuous 8-second update rates. Borrowing development practices traditionally found in the video game industry, Maravelias specializes in re-implementing widely used GIS technologies in modern high-interactivity, full-framerate GPU rendering environments. In 2017, he authored a proprietary dynamic level-of-detail ESRI shapefile rendering engine using Direct3D and multithreaded Object Pascal for use in weather data visualization.

Paul Maravelias is a graduate of Dartmouth College and directs TempoQuest’s AceCAST WRF cloud SaaS application since 2020.