Meet TempoQuest, a Startup Bringing Weather Code Into the Accelerated Era

Weather and climate applications are some of the most important for high-performance computing, often serving as raisons d’être and flagship workloads for the world’s most powerful supercomputers. But next-generation weather and climate modeling remains extraordinarily difficult, owing both to the enormity of the task and to the difficult-to-evolve code that has been developed to face that task over the course of many years.

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WSV3 Customer Spotlight: Chris Jarzynka

WSV3 Customer Spotlight: Chris Jarzynka  Shifting the Forecasting and Visualization Paradigm: Weather Transcendence By: Madison Taylor, Marketing, Communications, and Promotion Manager, TempoQuest TempoQuest, Inc. (TQI)

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Hybrid Weather Twin™

Hybrid Weather Twin™ Blending Accelerated Physics-based with Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Weather Forecast Models for Better/Faster/Cheaper Forecasts By: Christian Tanasescu, COO & CTO, TempoQuest Numerical weather

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