WSV3 Customer Spotlight: Paul Douglas

WSV3 Customer Spotlight: Paul Douglas


The TempoQuest team is honored to introduce our first “Customer Spotlight” featuring Paul Douglas; a Pennsylvania State meteorologist with over 45 years of television and radio experience. Douglas has launched 7 businesses, excelling as a serial entrepreneur and applying his area of expertise.

                                          Paul Douglas, Meteorologist

As the Founder and Chief Meteorologist at Praedictix, Douglas works with a team of meteorologists in providing weather services, consulting and briefings for media and corporate interests. “Developers and engineers create unique streams of weather data, imagery and API’s for corporations via AerisWeather. The latest science and models are leveraged to provide insight for corporations factoring climate trends into investment, resilience and sustainability via Climatrends. Douglas has spent the last 25 years connecting the dots between climate volatility and weather disruption, a contributor to the Climate Science Rapid Response Team.”

Considering Douglas’s extensive background in the weather forecasting industry, the TQI team could not have asked for a more qualified individual to feature as our first “Customer Spotlight” and further discuss WSV3, brought to you by TempoQuest. WSV3 is an accelerated storm tracking and weather visualization software, owned by TempoQuest and developed by Paul Maravelias. “Customer Spotlight”  luminary Paul Douglas had the following to say on WSV3:

“As a meteorologist and businessman on my 7th weather-tech company I am always searching for innovative tools that help me better monitor, track, predict and communicate the weather. Today there is no shortage of amazing websites, apps and software options. During my television career I took full advantage of remarkable (and expensive) graphics systems from companies like WSI, Baron and Weather Central. But (bang for the buck) I have never come across a meteorological tool more powerful and useful than WSV3. Paul Maravelias (Developer) has done an extraordinary job developing desktop software that can be leveraged not only by professional meteorologists, but serious home weather enthusiasts who want to push themselves to the next level.”

“The satellite, weather modeling and tornado-tracking functionality is incredible, I’m seeing features and functionality that transcend some 6 or 7 figure TV weather systems out there, for a fraction of the cost. Delving into WSV3 is like peeling an infinite onion; I am constantly discovering new features and capabilities, and the ability to save and share imagery and looping videos on social media in a real-time environment is unmatched. If you’re serious about the weather, you can’t afford not to take a close look at WSV3. In my experience and humble opinion, everything else…is yesterday’s weather.”  -Paul Douglas

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Paul Douglas for allowing TQI to feature him as our very first “Customer Spotlight.” Be sure to check back soon for upcoming “Customer Spotlight” interviews, showcasing the backgrounds of our consumers and their personal experiences with our technologies.

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