TempoQuest, TQI, is an operational “software as a service” company established to meet the need for faster, more precise and more affordable weather forecasts. TQI has developed a unique and proprietary software, which accelerates the regional weather forecasting process enabling the delivery of next-generation weather forecasts to commercial users and government agencies around the world

TempoQuest’s suite of weather forecasting software solutions are being designed to run on NVIDIA’s graphic processor unit accelerators (GPUs) instead of CPUs. This will increase the speed and precision of a regional weather forecast. Though GPU accelerators are currently in use for other ‘big data’ applications, the technology has not yet been applied to comprehensive operational weather data analysis.

NVIDIA Corporation has committed to providing TempoQuest with support and assistance, including, technical support on application engineering, hardware and software integration as well as marketing, sales and distribution assistance for the TQI’s GPU weather forecasting product.

As currently practiced, satellite sensors, drones, radar, etc., will continue to collect global weather data. TempoQuest will then process this data and provide it to today’s major specialist weather companies, commercial industrial enterprises, governments, weather entrepreneurs and drone companies. The specialist weather companies will offer customized forecasts for several of their high-value end-users, like commodity traders, insurance firms, power utilities, major agricultural companies, etc., Speed and precision are critical to the success of their businesses and are an extremely valuable asset.

The expenses for this business are relatively modest as the main cost is continued development and maintenance of the software. Sales channels are current commercial providers of weather forecasts. Therefore, the business has inherently high operating leverage and each incremental user is highly profitable.