NVIDIA – WRF – Jensen Huang – Tempo Quest

NVIDIA has announced plans to develop specific areas of the weather forecasting market that aligns with Tempo Quest, and has proclaimed that Tempo Quest is the best in the world at accelerating WRF. NVIDIA has declared Tempo Quest as NVIDIA’s exclusive accelerated WRF developer.

In November, 2018, NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, revealed his organization’s focus on WRF:

Jensen Huang told the audience and countless thousands online (the video has now been viewed millions of times) that NVIDIA could now deliver “1 kilometer weather simulation in one box.” Mr. Huang emphasized that weather forecasting “has to be super real-time because that’s one of the criteria in predicting the future” and that “you have to be a time traveler to predict the future.

TempoQuest is accelerating WRF  up to 700% and delivering 1km resolution.