Slow and imprecise weather forecasts are the number one interrupter of global commerce today.

Poorly forecasted weather causes loss of lives, destruction of infrastructure and billions of dollars in missed revenue and lost profits. The TempoQuest GPU WRF Weather Software Solution, AceCAST™ addresses the infrastructure losses and negative profit impacts of mis-forecasted weather.

The TempoQuest market is extensive, compelling and expanding daily. The market includes both sovereign government users and commercial users of regional weather forecasts. It includes all commercial enterprises whose operations, budgets and profits are impacted by forecasted weather. The two principal reasons why organization will license the TempoQuest software are to protect lives, property and infrastructure and to generate higher profits. Faster, more precise forecasts can save lives by enabling people to seek proper shelter and plan for the worst scenarios. In business seconds to commodity trader or currency exchange can mean billions of dollars.

TempoQuest will initially focus on the companies providing customized forecasts today using CPUs and sovereign governments wanting faster higher resolution forecasts.

The global market is estimated at $3 billion and growing 9% annually.