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NVIDIA – WRF – Jensen Huang – Tempo Quest

NVIDIA has announced plans to develop specific areas of the weather forecasting market that aligns with Tempo Quest, and has proclaimed that Tempo Quest is the best in the world at accelerating WRF. NVIDIA has declared Tempo Quest as NVIDIA’s exclusive accelerated WRF developer. In November, 2018, NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, revealed his organization’s focus […]

NVIDIA Pledges Support for TempoQuest GPU WRF Project

To TempoQuest: Thank you for recent information regarding the next phase of your business plan. Following the discussions with TempoQuest executives and review of your past accomplishments, NVIDIA would like to express our interest and support for the TQI CUDA WRF project. NVIDIA considers WRF the most important numerical weather prediction and regional climate model […]

TempoQuest – A GEO Satellite Weather Instrument and Data Provider.

TempoQuest – A GEO Satellite Weather Instrument and Data Provider. TempoQuest, TQI, is a “weather software as a service” company established to meet the need for faster, more accurate weather forecasts. Today, TQI is in the process of developing unique software, which will deliver next-generation weather forecasts to commercial users and government agencies around the […]