LAS VEGAS, NV, July 17, 2015 — TempoQuest, Inc, a Nevada Corporation, today announced the signing of a software development contract with the University of Wisconsin and that institution’s Space Science and Engineering Center, both located in Madison, Wisconsin.

The weather software contract represents an important milestone in the completion of the AceCAST™ software application which has been demonstrated to significantly accelerate the processing time for regional weather forecasts while improving their accuracy.

“Improved weather forecast accuracy and speed, particularly at a local level, enables governments, businesses, the military, and society in general to dramatically mitigate the often catastrophic risks and extensive costs associated with unforeseen weather events,” said Ed Keible, Chief Executive Officer of TempQuest. “AceCAST™, he added, “is a game-changing forecasting innovation, which we anticipate will not only revolutionize the way regional forecasts are processed, but more importantly, provide a new dimension of security and planning confidence to those institutions and individuals whose lives and business interests will be enhanced by greater forecasting speed and accuracy.

TempoQuest Team

Above: The TempoQuest / Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) Team.  Standing left to right:  Jarno Meilekinen, PhD, SSEC; Melin Huang, PhD, SSEC; Allen Huang, PhD, TempoQuest, CTO; Bormin Huang, PhD, SSEC, Project Manager.  Seated left to right: Jenny Hackel, SSEC, Executive Director for Administration; Gene Pache, TempoQuest, President & COO; Hank Revercomb, PhD, SSEC, Director; Ed Keible, TempoQuest, Executive Chairman & CEO.

Hank Revercomb, Director of the, Space Science and Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison noted that the project achieves its breakthrough forecast processing speeds by leveraging high performance computing accelerator technology. “When completed, we anticipate the application of this software will find a global user base, all of whom are seeking the risk reduction and commercial benefits of near real-time forecasting speed and accuracy,” he said.

The Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) is an internationally known research and development center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a history of remote sensing innovation spanning more than 50 years. SSEC is a world leader in developing the algorithms and designing the ground and archive systems necessary to process atmospheric data collected from geostationary and polar-orbiting platforms.

TempoQuest is an early-stage software development corporation. TempoQuest software applications accelerate the processing time and precision of regional weather forecasts.